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NEHAWU Eastern Cape PEC Statement

Sunday December 16, 2018

The National Education, Health and Allied Workers Union [NEHAWU] in the Eastern Cape held its Provincial Executive Committee [PEC] meeting from the 7th – 8th December 2018 to critically assess the state of the organisation within the context of the International, Socio-economic, National, Provincial geopolitical developments and how these affect the lives of the working class and the poor majority of our Country.

The PEC meeting took place against the backdrop of sustained refusal by the office of the Director General attached to the Premier’s Office in Bisho to facilitate for the approval of payment of the long outstanding monies owed to workers in respect of the HROPT backlogs and other payment benefits that have accrued over a long period of time across many Government departments in the Eastern Cape. In its appreciation of the international, national and organizational characterisation the union came to the following conclusion and way forward:-

International Assessment:

The PEC in its analysis of the international balance of forces has characterised the current epoch as the imperialist globalisation phase of modern day world capitalist development after a relative long period of peaceful development, following World War 2.

Inspired by Comrade Fidel Castro’s legacy and the influence of his unquestioned international commitment to the downtrodden people of Africa and elsewhere, remembering his passing on in the evening of the 25th November 2016, the PEC decided to remember him of his 20th century’s foremost revolutions, pressures, influence and charisma that inspired people from all corners of the world and formed a bulwark against western Colonisation and Americas imperialism.

In appreciation of these ideals the PEC commits to keep the legacy of this great revolutionary by doing the following:

• The EC supports the year 2019 as the start of the observation of Comrade Fidel Castro’s contribution to Africa generally and South-Africa in particular.
• We will join session with the Cuban doctors in our Province to highlight the Mandela Castro joint Health project that has produced doctors for South Africa.
• Intensify the campaign for scrapping of all economic sanctions against Cuba.


African National Congress:

The PEC in its assessment of the current political environment agree with the diagnostic report tabled in the National Policy Conference at NASREC and all other key areas that needed urgent attention of the leadership in order to address social distance and the gradual decline of the support base.

The PEC also notes that some of these foreign tendencies were allowed to take place in order to maintain political expedience through profiling of certain leaders. A comprehensive and consistent political education programme is regarded as the only remedy to challenges of high levels of greed and patronage that has poisoned our organizations overtime.

The PEC confirms its full support to the current Commission on the State Capture chaired by Judge Zondo. All the members of NEHAWU are encouraged to come forward with information related to corruption and fraud in the Government and Private Sectors.


Functioning of the Alliance:

The PEC was encouraged by the reports of the relative functioning of the Alliance in the Province but all the pointers towards a positive direction in this regard must be a common political programme that act as a glue with a binding effect to all the components to work towards a common goal.

It has been observed by the PEC that the current relations between NEHAWU and Eastern Cape ANC Government are not good at all. To elevate some of the long outstanding challenges to the public domain members of NEHAWU in their thousands had staged a successful march against the EC Provincial Administration to elevate workers issues to the attention of the Head of Government Administration but as if that was not enough it was all in vain as no response to the memorandum was ever provided by the Premier of the Eastern Cape.

The ANC Government in the Eastern Cape is not able to change the present direction of pursuing capitalist ideology and principles [neoliberal economic direction].This is evidenced by a number of projects that are aimed at enriching individuals through the tender system at the expense of improving the service delivery through the filling of the vacant funded posts and insourcing all services. The current ANC leadership has not been able to adequately crack the whip to its deployees in Government due to the challenge of the two centres of power that have existed immediately after the Provincial Conference.


The PEC noted with great disappointment that the Eastern Cape Province lacks a focused and a dedicated plan with specific projects towards the National Health Insurance implementation.

The PEC demands the immediate implementation of the NHI by the Department of Health and the progress report in respect of the achievements in all pilot sites must be published without delay.

Governance and Administration

The PEC thoroughly assessed the state of Governance across the Eastern Cape Provincial Administration. The PEC after in-depth analysis on the performance on the past and current deployments to key and the strategic areas in governance came to the conclusion that a high rate of levels of skills mismatch coupled with knowledge deficit has led to the mismanagement and the lack of decisive leadership around many Departments and Parastatals in the Eastern Cape. The lack of political will to change and transform this situation for the better has caused this Province to remain at the bottom without any hope of improvement in the future. NEHAWU as part of the motive forces is duty bound to jealously guard the gains of our revolution to improve the lives of the people of this Province. We dare not fail and as workers we shall not allow this situation to continue in our presence.


The PEC has after the failure of the Premier to respond to all the demands submitted during the march in October 2018 pronounced itself that he must now do the honourable thing and resign before workers can be mobilised to demand for his immediate removal by the President of the Country. The Premier was given an opportunity to hold accountable the office of the Director General for all the failures that have caused ineffective and inefficient service delivery patterns in the entire government of the Eastern Cape Province but has failed to exercise this important oversight role.

For more information contact NEHAWU Eastern Cape Provincial Secretary, Cde Miki Jaceni, at 082 455 2745 or Provincial Deputy Secretary, Cde Sandile Nyalambisa at 0737590137 or visit NEHAWU website at

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