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NEHAWU Member Services

NEHAWU continues to grow its over 250 000 membership. We all know that there is power in numbers. So, what does this mean for you? This means we have GREATER INFLUENCE to stop discrimination; fight for equality of opportunity; for better pay; healthy and safe workplace; skills development and services.

NEHAWU supports CENTRALLISED BARGAINING arrangements because negotiated arrangements provide better wages and conditions for our members. Our skilled representatives are passionate about PROTECTING you at work. We care about your HEALTH AND SAFETY, so your working conditions are important to us too. 
NEHAWU will use its muscle of collective power for:
  • Better WAGES and Conditions of Employment.
  • Providing INDEMNITY ASSURANCE (SCHEME) for NURSES, and all members;
  • Providing MEDICAL AID SCHEME for all members;
  • Providing PROVIDENT FUND for all members;
  • Providing GROUP INSURANCE SCHEME for all members.

NEHAWU is currently negotiating:
  • With a major Bank for provision of Assistance Subsidy for all its members;
  • Bursary Scheme for the children of its members;
  • HIV infection insurance payment;
  • Social Relief loans (include Education, Disasters, Housing etc.) for members; Income Protector.
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