NEHAWU Limpopo Statement On Budget Underspending by Provincial Departments

NEHAWU Wishes COSATU A Successful 14th National Congress

Saturday September 24, 2022

The National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union [NEHAWU] wishes its federation, the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), a successful 14th National Congress which will be convened on the 26th - 29th September 2022.

The congress is convened under the theme “Build Working-Class Unity for Economic Liberation towards Socialism”.

As NEHAWU, we expect this congress to be highly characterised by in-depth analysis on the state of our revolution and robust deliberations to strengthen the ability of COSATU to be a militant, fighting and a campaigning federation for workers’ demands in all sectors and in the struggles for the working class in general.

The 14th national congress takes place at a time when workers and the working-class in general are confronted by the persistent crisis of capitalism which has worsened poverty, unemployment and inequalities. Equally, the congress is convened when the world is on the path towards recovery post the COVID-19 global pandemic.

On the International front, the protracted crisis of global capitalism continues its stranglehold on the world especially on workers and working-class families, and this has fostered all the social ills of extreme hunger, poverty, joblessness, and inequality. This 14th congress is a platform for COSATU to develop a comprehensive response to the immediate challenges confronting the international working-class family and this must be along the international class-oriented trade union line.

On the home front, the congress takes place when the state of our National Democratic Revolution [NDR] has reached a crisis point of stagnation. Our NDR faces great challenges that have decisive implications on national development and the national transformation project. In the overall the current state of the NDR has obvious implications for the socialist project of the left axis.

Indeed, this congress presents an opportunity for the federation to thoroughly reflect on the challenges and bring about concrete proposals on how the left-axis should reposition the socialist programme in the face of stagnation of the NDR.

Equally, this congress takes place when the country is confronted by the persistent socioeconomic crisis which has had a dire impact on workers and the broader working-class fostering extreme inequality, poverty and unemployment. This requires the federation to intensify its work on driving dedicated campaigns on socio-economic priorities in defence of workers and the working-class.

The congress takes place against a backdrop of a vicious and relentless onslaught on collective bargaining by government and the employers. This conference should discuss and adopt a concrete plan on how we must defend collective bargaining and also defend our members and workers against exploitative employers.

Lastly, this congress should emerge with concrete resolution of building the federation from the ground as a basis of building a capable and fighting federation for all workers in our country driven by dedication to unite workers across and the working class for the real revolution, placing the interest of its members and class at the centre of decisions and actions. This congress must not dare fail the working people and the working given the misery and prevailing material conditions which is not favourable.

We wish COSATU a successful 14th National Congress.


Issued by NEHAWU Limpopo Secretariat Office
For more information, please contact: Moses Maubane [Provincial Secretary] 063 685 1884 or email: or
Jacob Adams [Provincial Deputy Secretary] at 082 558 5966 or email to

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