Portugal - Note of Solidarity with the Struggle of Public Service Workers in South Africa

Portugal - Note of Solidarity with the Struggle of Public Service Workers in South Africa

8 March 2023

The National Federation of Unions of Workers in Public and Social Functions comes to show solidarity with the struggle of Public Service Workers in South Africa and with the strike called, from March 6, 2023, by the National Education, Health and Allied Workers' Union [NEHAWU].

We have your fair demands and struggle, aimed at combating austerity measures in the public sector, freezing wages, moratorium on filling vacant positions, implementing clause 3.3 of PSCBC Resolution 1 2018 and a better pay increase in the public service.

We hope that this fight also defends the rights of South African citizens to have quality public services, which must be guaranteed by the Government.

We strongly record and deplore the attacks on the right to strike in South Africa, a situation that capitalism and neoliberalism have imposed in many countries of the world and which has generated many struggles to combat this civilizational retreat. The rights earned cannot be stolen!

It is therefore unacceptable and we reject the promiscuity between the government and the courts, to call into question the right to strike and other trade union freedoms, through arrests, threats and intimidation of workers, trade unions and their leaders.

Your Fight is Our Fight!

The Fight Goes On!

We're with the South African Public Service Workers.



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